Graduation Application : Graduation Application for Spring 2020 due  January 30, 2020
Registration for Spring 2020: Registration for Spring 2020 is Novermber 18-22. 


The goal of the Hutchins Program is to challenge students to launch extraordinary lives. We do this by providing exceptional classes, advising, and enrichment opportunities to academically talented undergraduates at Sonoma State University. From convocation to commencement, we strive to foster a transformational community of critical thinkers, a community that is diverse, highly qualified, engaged, and motivated to lead.                                          


The Hutchins Program is an inclusive community of engaged learners, working together to expand knowledge and put it into action for the common good. We strive to equip our students with the creativity, adaptability, and understanding required to thrive in an interconnected world.

The Benefits of Hutchins

Class Size: Many of your classes will be specifically part of the Hutchins program. These classes tend to be 15-16 students, and more intensive. This allows more time with professors and other students that may help you truly master the material being presented.

Class Structure: In Hutchins programs, often there is more discussion and debate than lecture. This means that you will read assigned material before class. This creates a situation that is almost the opposite of a traditional classroom, where you study the material before-hand, rather than sitting through a lecture, and then spend class time working with other students on the analysis of the lecture that would typically be done as homework.

GE Requirements: The Lower Division Program of Hutchins School, with the exception of Mathematics, Fulfills all Sonoma State University lower-division General Education Requirements.

LIBS 101: The Human Enigma (Freshman class; offered in Fall semesters)
LIBS 102: In Search of Self (Freshman class; offered in Spring semesters)
LIBS 201: Exploring the Unknown (Sophomore class; offered in Fall semesters)
LIBS 202: Challenge and Response (Sophomore class; offered in Spring semesters)

Teacher Program

Elementary Teaching Pre-Credential Preparation: Students in this track will not only earn a degree in Liberal Studies by completing Hutchins coursework, but will also fulfill all prerequisites to enter the SSU School of Education's Multiple Subject and Special Education Credential Programs.

Blended Program: This accelerated track allows students entering as First Time Freshmen to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies as well as fulfill requirements for a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in four years. This credential allows graduates to immediately begin teaching in California public elementary schools upon graduation.